Preparation for your travel to Nepal

Nepal is a fascinating country! Rich in a long cultural and religious past, everyday life in Nepal is deeply embedded into traditional customs. You will enter a world that is a lot different from the world you live in. Especially, if you have not been to South Asia before, Nepal can be quiet overwhelming at first. But there is no need to worry. We are here to guide you through your journey. Our travel advisory section helps you to get to know Nepal’s own customs and rules of conduct.

Every adventure needs a little preparation. We want you to enjoy your holidays and we want you to be able to soak in all impressions with all your senses. The more you know beforehand, the less culture-shocked you will be. If you have any questions that has not been answered here, feel free to contact us.

Travel advisory for you to enjoy your travel

The main intention of this travel advisory section is not to instruct you to behave in a certain way. Our tips are seeking to help you enjoy your travel the best way possible. We want our guest and the locals to feel comfortable at any time. Since our travel tours aim to offer authentic experiences and close interaction to local life, it is crucial that our guests are a little prepared to avoid cultural and social misunderstandings.

Being in a different culture

You need to understand that you are a guest in an environment different from home. Behaving accordingly to the new culture shows the respect that travellers should carry in them. You need to be tactful and vigilant about your attire, especially outside of cities and tourist destinations.


Please, avoid sleeveless shirts, shorts that are too short or too tight, and transparent clothing. Being tactful will help you to merge even more into the amazing culture of Nepal. You will soon recognize that you will be different than all those tourists who travel without cultural sensitivity.

Consciousness in your choice of clothing avoids locals feeling uncomfortable.

Left hand is a no-no

In Nepal, the left hand is considered to be impure. If you look closely, Nepalese usually do not use their left hands singly, while giving something, receiving someting, greeting someone or eating. It is an old religious tradition. If you want to show respect, you can try to follow this rule.

Safety and Security

Nepal is a very safe country to visit! Although there are sometimes general strikes and demonstrations due to Nepal’s fragile political situation, tourists are barely effected by them. Safety is our main objective. You will be accompanied by a local guide who will be there for you 24/7.

Our travellers can feel safe and comfortable during the whole trip.

Medical Treatment

In case of a medical emergency there is no need to panic. Especially within the big cities and tourist destinations there are many high standard private hospitals and clinics that are perfectly equipped to treat you. Medicine and pharmaceuticals are also very easily available in Nepal. No need to worry!


Nepal is located in a region of high seismic activity. Earthquakes can occur quiet frequently. Nonetheless, most of the tremors are very light that you cannot even feel. In the unlikely event of a major earthquake, it is essential to stay calm and follow the instructions of our guides and staff.

Money and Budget

Nepal is a cheap travel destination, even though the cost of living has risen quite a bit lately. Nonetheless, our travel packages cover the costs of most your expenses already. In general, you only have to take care for all meals and drinks that are not included in the program as well as your own personal expenses.

As an indication for the restoration:
– Cheap: less than 300Rs (2,75 €).
– Average: 300-600 Rs (2.75-5.50 €).
– Chic: dishes above 600 Rs (€ 5.50).

Your expenses for food in Nepal are relatively low.


Tips tend to be generalized in Nepal. Because this custom is not easy to manage in a group on the spot, the tips of the guide and driver or other contributor of this tour are not included: they are left to your appreciation and satisfaction.

Think about 200Rs per day and per person. Also remember to provide about 10% tips for every meal on the premises if the service is not included. If you need porters at the hotel, about 50-150Rs.


The current in Nepal is 220V. If your electronic devices require a different voltage, you need to get an adapter. The spacing of the terminals might also be different than the ones for your devices. Nepal has frequent power cuts! But almost all hotels in the city use generator in this case.

Internet connection

Nowadays, basically at every tourist destination around Nepal you will find a lot of bars, cafes and restaurants that offer free Wifi. Even in very remote parts of the country that are frequently visited, there is internet connection. Most of the hotels in the cities do offer WiFi as well.

Even though you do not expect this, but you are very well connected in Nepal.