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Our travel tours aim to show you Nepal as it really is. We want to show you Nepal through our local eyes – the country we love, the traditions we experience and the culture we live in.

Hence, we have created a variety of fully organised travel tours, specially designed to fulfil your travel dreams. Inspired by your wanderlust, our Nepal tours offer you unique travel experiences targeting your personal interests. All you need to do is to follow your itchy-feet.

Wander. Explore. Discover.

Wander through narrow alleys, small squares and centuries of history. Feel the past and the spirituality that covers Nepal. Wander below ancient golden roofs, along centuries-old stone statues and hand-crafted wood carvings. Wander as much as you can ♥️

Explore the culture and wander through a world filled with little treasures. See the beauty, listen to the sounds, taste the food, smell the nature, feel the spirituality – explore Nepal with all your senses.😍

Discover the little wonders that awaits you during each journey. Look for the little treasures, find the small miracles and immerse in an unique world different to home. Discover the beauty of Nepal 😍

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The Real Nepal - 12 days tour - Nature, People & Culture

Discover the diversity of Nepal in 12 unforgettable days. See beautiful natural landscapes, meet the famous hospitality of local people and get to know the fascinating culture. “The Real Nepal” Tour takes you to ancient temples and sights in Kathmandu Valley, to the world-known lake of paradise Pokhara, and to the wild jungle in Chitwan. You will be guided through centuries-old places, you will see the mesmerising panorama of the Himalayas and you will go on a jeep safari in the national park.

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We are here for you from the very first minute you are planning your travel to Nepal.

Nepal is absolutely breathtaking! There are so many different places for a traveller to discover. Even for us locals, a lifetime is barely enough. But travelling is not just about seeing everything, it is about to truly experience the journey and the places that you are visiting. It does not matter how long the journey is, but how you experience it. We at Asha Travel are experts in organising travel tours according to the wishes and expectations of travellers.

With our expertise as locals living in Nepal day in, day out we offer you travel tours that go beyond the ordinary guide books. Authentic travel experiences and a close interaction with local life will give you the feeling of not just observing the different culture from the outside, but indeed being part of it!

Wander with us through an unique culture and breathtaking natural scenery. Explore the unknown and unexpected. Discover the little treasures that await you around each corner. Travel to Nepal and create your lifetime experience!

Visit Nepal 2020 - Lifetime Experience

More about Nepal

Nepal is a small Himalayan nation in south Asia bordering China to the north and India to the east, west and south. Although a small country, Nepal offers a wide variety of landscapes. A paradise for those who love mountains, Nepal boasts of eight among the ten highest peaks in the world with Mount Everest as the crown jewel standing 8848m tall.

Nepal equally merits its place as a cultural destination. The immense diversity of culture, ethnic groups, religions, linguistics and cuisines make Nepal a veritable “cultural mosaic”. Taking a trip to Nepal means exploring one of the most diverse countries in the world. You are going to meet people and cultures steeped in tenacious traditions. Nepal is, of course, the high Himalayan range. However, the country is not only reduced to that. The mid-country hills of the Kathmandu and Pokhara valleys, as well as the southern Terai plain, savannahs and jungles, present a variety of attractions. Your conversations here will start with a jovial “Namaste” (“I salute the divinity in you”), and wherever you go, you will be welcome with warmth and a big bright smile.