Visit Nepal with Asha Travel

Travel to an unique world full of little mysteries and wonderful experiences. Delve into an exciting culture filled with spirituality. See nature in its pure diversity from the jungle to mountains that peak beyond clouds. Meet the famous hospitality of local people whose smile you will never forget. Learn to love Nepal. Visit Nepal with us!

Visit a whole new world

Wander through narrow allies, ancient architecture and places filled with history and religion. Feel the vibes of an incredible culture!

Travel deeper to see more

Explore the culture, see the beauty, listen to the sounds, taste the delicious food, feel the spirituality - Explore Nepal with all your senses.

Be brave and curious

Discover little treasures behind each corner. Be amazed by the breathtaking landscapes. Create memories from a world that you will never forget.

Discover Nepal with Asha Travel

Wander with us through an unique culture and breathtaking natural scenery. Explore the unknown and unexpected. Discover the little treasures that await you around each corner.

Asha Travel provides you fully organised travel tours to explore the diversity of beautiful Nepal. We stand for authenticity, responsibility and fairness. All our travel tours are specially designed and fully organised. Discover Nepal in a unique way with a small group of like-minded people. Travel with “Asha” – Travel with “hope”.

Authentic & Original

Discover Nepal through the eyes of locals!
Asha Travel is completely run by Nepalese people, living in the country day in day out, to give you the best travel experience – See the real Nepal!

Responsible & Sustainable

Have an impact with your travel to Nepal!
Asha Travel holds a social responsibilty for enhancing local people and the well-being of local communities – Responsible Tourism is possible!

Fair & Transparent

Explore Nepal fair and at low cost!
Asha Travel does not cooperate with any foreign travel agency, thus fair prices can be guaranteed – You will pay in Nepal to Nepalese people only!

Asha means Hope, Aspiration and Dream in Sanskrit.

Asha stands for the hope of a peaceful and respectful coexistence. By offering authentic travel experiences and close interaction with local life, we hope to widen your world.

Asha speaks to all the aspiration that passionate travellers hold in their heart. The desire to see the world as it really is, the urge to explore and the willingness to learn.

Asha symbolizes the dream for a better future by creating unforgettable memories. A new form of Tourism: Responsible, Local, Transparent and Fair.

Your next adventure is waiting!

What other travellers say

The best way to learn why Asha Travel is the perfect tour operator for your journey to Nepal is through the voice of other travellers just like you.
Testimonial - Guide - Cathia



"Rajeev is really passionate about the history and culture. His knowledge was incredible, helping him to reply to all our questions concerning the history of a place, the cultural meaning of a site and even the political situation."

Testimonial - Wolfang and Angelika

Angelika & Wolfgang


"We are going to leave Nepal today with a lot of heavy luggage. But the most important things on our journey back to Germany do not have any weight – those are the impressions and memories that we can take with us."

Testimonial - Tansy, Bridget & Tadhg


Great Britain

"This trip is my first insight into any Asian culture and I have been blown away by the warmth of welcome we have received and the culture and character of the people. I will definitely be back!"

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