Being just a small team of dedicated people, sometimes it takes a little longer to reply to your requests due to the amount of messages that we receive. Therefore, we would like to present in this section the most frequently asked questions at Asha Travel. Maybe you will find the answer to your question here, too. Just browse through the questions and feel free to contact us if anything has still remained unclear.

If you would like to know how the booking process looks like, please visit out information page how to book.
Bare in mind that we will not asked you to transfer money in advance! You are going to pay for your tour only when you are in Nepal!

Travel Tour Programs

We offer guaranteed tours! If you have booked a tour with us, it will happen – get ready to travel to Nepal 😉

Prices depend on group size. The bigger the group, the lower the price. That is mainly due to the better rates that we get from hotels and transportation, when travelling with more people.

Yes, the smallest number of travellers joining our tours are two people.

Our groups will not be joint by more than 6-8 travellers. You will accompanied by at least one tour guide and a personal driver.

Yes, we offer travel groups for only female travellers. Nevertheless, your guide and driver might be males though.

If you already have a “ready-made” travel group, please let us know in your enquiry. We adjust the tour dates according to your wishes.

If you are a single traveller joining a travel group, it will be difficult to adjust the whole program to big changes. Depending on the group’s interest slight changes are always possible though – given they are in budget and timely and geographically manageable. 

If you travel with your own group (family and friends), we can easily create a fully personalised travel tour according to your personal interest on sights that are not initially mentioned in the program. Just let us know about your plans, the number of travellers, and the lenght of your holidays. After having calculate everything, we will send you an estimate.

All our travel tour programs are led by a local certified and well-trained tour guide with at least fluent English language skills. The tour guide will accompany you through the whole program, being available for you 24/7.

Please, don’t hesitate if you have any problems, difficulties or any other issues that might disturb you. We are here for you!

We do not offer full trekking programs because our aim is to show you the real Nepal. Of course, you will see the mighty Himalaya in our tours as the mountains are part of Nepal. But they are just a single part of this amazing country.

Most of the travellers come to Nepal just for the mountains. They have never got to know the country, the culture and the myth. For most tourists, Nepal is just Himalaya and Buddha. But did you know that the huge majority of Nepalese people are not even Buddhist (only 15%)?!

Travel with us and get to know the real Nepal!

View from Sarangkot on the Annapurna range.

Booking Process

Our booking process is very easy and comfortable. We will be in close communication with you until your final booking, being available for any questions or inquiries. Check here for a step-by-step instruction.

We will accompany you through the whole booking process. As soon as you are sure about booking our travel tour, we will reserve a place in one of our travel groups.

The final booking of your reservation will only be done as soon as we receive your flight details. Without flight details your reservation is not fixed! 

As it is common practice, you will have to pay for your travel tour in advance, i.e. before the travel tour has started.

We know that being a local tour operator, you might have doubts about paying in advance. For your secureness and concern, we have decided that you can pay us on the day of your arrival in Nepal.

You do not need to exchange money. By paying in your currency, you will avoid unnecessary additional costs due to transfer fees.

Sorry, unfortunately we do not provide airfares for our guests. Nevertheless, we can help you find the perfect flight.

Yes, as soon as your booking for a tour is confirmed, we will send you the full tour program with more travel advisory in a separate email. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if anything is unclear.

We do not have any restrictions about the latest point of booking. In fact, you could also be very spontaneous. But you need to bare in mind that even if you have booked a fully organised tour, there is still a lot of organisational work for you to do (flights, visa, insurance, packing, vaccinations, etc.)…

Boudhanath Stupa, one of the most iconic sights of Kathmandu.

While being in Nepal

We will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel. You will recognise us by an “Asha Travel”-sign and your name on it.

At the hotel you can take a rest or just refresh. This is completely up to you. We will also be at the hotel to help you adjust. You can pay us for the upcoming tour at the hotel.

Your guide is your main contact person for any inquries that you have in Nepal. The guide will accompany your travel group through the whole tour and 24/7 available.

Yes, of course! The main attractions on the tour program will be done together in a group. At each sight, you have a little free time to roam around. Please, be back in time.

You will also have a little free time as well. Especially, on the day of arrival and departure. You can ask us for recommendations what you could do and see.

No problem at all. Please check our travel advisory. If you have still questions, feel free to contact us.

Activities can be reprogrammed according to the constraints encountered on site by the guide (weather, travel time, etc.). All activities will however be maintained, or alternatives will be proposed.

You do not have to pay for anything that is mentioned in the program. In general, accommodation, transport and entrance fees are already included within the price of the program.

We have provided you a small summary of potential travel expenses while you are in Nepal.

If you were to get sick or injured, you can rest at the hotel. One of our staff will be there for you the whole time. As soon as you feel better, you will join the group again.

In the very unlikely event of an severe illness or injury, we will fully take care of you. Either by taking you to a proper tourist hospital or even organising your flight back home.

Kathmandu Valley is known for its thousands tempels and pagodes.