Learn more about Nepal

Nepal is a fascinating country, rich in cultural diversity and natural beauty. Situated between the two largest population on earth (China and India), Nepal has developed its own charm. An irresistable mystical allure for travellers of all age and different interests makes this place so special.

Although just a small country, Nepal offers a wide variety of landscapes. A paradise for those who love mountains, Nepal boasts of eight among the ten highest peaks in the world with Mount Everest as the crown jewel standing 8848m tall.

But Nepal is not just for mountain lovers. It equally merits its place as a cultural destination. The immense diversity of culture, ethnic groups, religions, linguistics and cuisines make Nepal a veritable “cultural mosaic”. Taking a trip to Nepal means exploring one of the most diverse countries in the world. You are going to meet people and cultures steeped in tenacious traditions, living in beautiful landscapes that you can only dream of.

Our Travel Tours are designed to show you the beauty!

Being a local travel tour operator, our main objective is to show you the beauty and diversity of our country – original, real and authentic!

Get to know the real Nepal that we love. Travel to our amazing country and be part of the culture we know in day in, day out. Our special designed travel tours go beyond ordinary guide books, showing you Nepal through the eyes of locals.

The Himalayas

Nepal is famous for its breathtaking mountain range. In fact, most travellers just visit Nepal for the Himalayas. The roof of the world offers you a stunning scenery that you will never forget. Even if you are not keen for long trekking tours, there are many small hikes to places with an extraordinaty view. We will take you to those places.

The Cultural Hotspots

Nepal is one of the most culturally diversed places on earth! It is a unique world full of little mysteries and wonderful experiences. An exciting culture that is deeply embedded into religious customs an ancient traditions. Nepal has developed its own inimitable charm and great hospitality. We are ready to show you the authentic and real Nepal!

The Southern Jungles

The South of Nepal awaits you with tropical nature and wild animals. Welcome to the jungle! The so-called Terai is filled with huge national parks showing you another face of Nepal. You will be amazed by wildlife, safari tours and the elephant breeding centers. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure. We will take you to the jungle!


Your conversations in Nepal will usually start with a jovial “Namaste” [i.e. “I salute the divinity in you”]. This little word resembles the culture and hospitality of Nepal so much . Wherever you go, you will be welcome with warmth and a big bright smile.

Food & Drinks

Nepal’s cuisine is as diversed as its culture. The variety of dishes, street food and little sweets is just amazing. Though the national dish of Nepal is called Dal Bhatno Dal Bhat tastes like the other! Get away from Pizza, spaghetti etc. while you are in Nepal!


Nepali is the official language spoken in Nepal. Nevertheless, you do not have to learn the language to get by in Nepal. Especially in the cities and tourist hotspots, Nepalese people speak English fluently. So do our guides and tour partners, too.


Nepal’s everyday life is deeply connected to religion and traditional customs. In fact, Nepal had been the only Hindu kingdom of the world in the past. Though Hinduism is the main religion, in Nepal it goes almost hand in hand with Buddhism.

Explore the diversity of Nepal with our Travel Tours!

At Asha Travel, you will discover Nepal as it really is. Explore Nepal through the eyes of locals. Wander through breathtaking nature and dive into an amazing culture. With Asha Travel, you are not just visiting Nepal, but you will be part of it. As a local tour operator, we are committed to provide you local experiences, inspired by your wanderlust.