Pack the right things into your luggage

The right luggage for a trip to Nepal depends largely on the kind of travel tour that you have chosen. Of course, it also depends on weather and climate.

Nevertheless, there is an advice that we can give you right away. Rather pack less than more. The moment you enter Nepal, you will recognise that everything that you might have forgotten to bring, you can find easily in one of the shops to buy. Thus, don’t stress yourself too much about packing.

The main question you will face is whether to take a suitcase or a big travel backpack. If there is no trekking tour involved, the piece of luggage does not really matter. It is highly recommended to bring a smaller backpack for our daily activities! Everything else can be stored in the hotels along our tours.


Recommended, but no must

No need to pack


The right clothing really depends on the season you are travelling. If you are joing one of our tours in summer (rainy season), temperature and humidity are quiet high. Make sure to pack thin and loose fit clothes. Nevertheless, bring one or two little wools for early mornings or chilly evenings, too. Temperature vary a lot between day and night.

In winter (dry season), temperature in the sun during the day is very pleasant, almost even warm. But you definitely have to pack warm clothes for the evenings. We recommend a little wool for the day as well. Among the shades it might be fresh. A scarf or a muffler will keep you warm during the nights!

If you are unsure what to pack, just ask us. We are happy to help you.