Testimonials of other travellers

The best way to learn why Asha Travel is the perfect tour operator for a journey to Nepal is through the voice of other travellers just like you.

It is important to us that our travellers will not only explore Nepal in a more authentic way, but also to explore it with a smile on their face.

We want you to be amazed and suprised by the beauty of Nepal. We want you to have a wonderful time, creating incredible memories that you will never forget.

Why we are so good

The time you spend in Nepal matters to us! And that is the reason why we are the perfect tour operator for you. Because we care!

We’ve always had a wonderful time with our travellers. It has always been so much fun! Thank you very much!

All our travellers have a voice!

At the end of a travel tour, each traveller will get the opportunity to give us feedback. The short survey will either be be handed out in paper or online, asking about overall satisfaction and personal experiences.

Though the survey is voluntary, every voice is taken here into account! Transparency includes a full presentation of all reviews – either positive or negative – of real travellers!

Of course, being just a newly established tour operator (08/2019), we do lack the amount of testimonials that you might rely on.

Nevertheless, our team has already been working together in tourism for years! We’ve been running a responsible volunteering organisation and a small homestay for travellers as well. We have gained loads of experience by being hired as guides for huge tourist groups of big international travel agencies.

Some of those feedbacks and testimonials are listed below.

Some feedback from travellers guided by one of us (before Asha Travel)

Having been able to choose ourselves, we enjoyed a wonderful and extraordinary 15-days trip to the heart of Nepal. We immersed in the heart of customs, discovered temples, monuments and met with many ethnic groups (slept at locals’ homes).
Rajeev has always been passionate about the history and culture of Nepal. His knowledge was incredible, helping him to reply to all our questions concerning the history of a place, the cultural meaning of a site and even the political situation.

Some feedback from travellers joining our homestay

"We are going to leave Nepal today with a lot of heavy luggage. But the most important things on our journey back to Germany do not have any weight – those are the impressions and memories that we can take with us."
"Our first time in Nepal! And we were warmly welcomed at the airport (-> great!!). In the three days we learned a lot from the two guys. How to take the Tuk-Tuk, what Buddhism means and a lot of Nepali food."
"This trip is my first insight into any Asian culture and I have been blown away by the warmth of welcome we have received and the culture and character of the people. I will definitely be back!"
"You made me feel home immediately. The classic Nepali concert, the days in Bhaktapur, Kirtipur & Patan, the light offering in Pashupatinath, and the patient explanations to my neverending questions"
"I’m really glad about making the decision to come to Nepal. For me, it was the first time to be so far away from home alone, but in this three weeks I never feel alone because you all made it feels like home."
"We admire your knowledge about everything… We were so luck that we could ask you everything without any exceptions. Thanks to you we had the chance to gain insights into your culture and how you live."