Your travel expenses in Nepal

In general, our travel tour packages are already covering most of your expenses. While being in Nepal, you do not have to care about lodging, transportation or entrance fees that are included in our program. The prices of our tours generally include all the fixed costs involved.

Your only additional costs will be for your meals and beverages that are not included in our travel programs. Of course, you also have to cover for your own personal expenses. Thus, you have full control over your variable costs.

To give you a hint what prices you might expect in Nepal, you will be able to plan your travel budget accordingly. Generally speaking, Nepal is a very cheap travel destination, even though the cost of living has risen quite a bit lately.

Restaurants for a normal sized meal and a non-alcoholic beverage can be categorized as follows (tips not included):
Cheap: less than 300Rs (2,75 €).
Average: 300-600 Rs (2.75-5.50 €).
Chic: dishes above 600 Rs (€ 5.50).

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Most common additional travel expenses

Bottled Beverages in shops
You can easily find bottled water and bottled soda in small shops or with street vendors. A bottle of water costs around 20Rs. (~0.16€). You can get a bottle of soda (0.5L) for around 100Rs. (0.80€).

Beer in restaurants
Usually in a restaurant, beer is served in bottles of 625ml. Prices vary between around 400-600Rs (3.20-4.80€) depending whether it is a local beer, a locally brewed international beer or an imported one.

Little Souvenirs (postcards, magnets etc.)
As in every tourist destination there are many opportunities to buy little souvenirs. You definitely need to bargain a bit. If you are unsure about the market prices, you can consult with us. E.g. a normal postcard should cost around 10-15Rs (0.10€), a small manget between 150-350Rs. (1.20-2.40€).

Photos with Sadhus (Hindu priests)
A very popular photo among tourists are pictures with Sadhus. You can easily see them sitting around at Hindu Temples (e.g. Pashupatinath). Taking pictures with them is totally fine, but please tip them afterwards with 50-100Rs. per person (0.40-0.80€).

Blessings from Buddhist monks in monasteries
Visiting a monastery is a wonderful experience. For those who would like to receive a blessing from a Buddhist monk, please do not forget to give a small donation to the monastery. About 50-100Rs. (0.40-0.80€) should be fine.

Taxi back to Kathmandu Airport
The last day of our tour program is usually just for your departure. According to your flight schedule you can decide yourself what to do with the day. Three hours before the departure of your plane, you should take a taxi to the airport. From the tourist center Thamel the taxi should cost between 600-800Rs. (4.80-6.41Rs.) – depending your bargaining skills.

What is NOT included in the price of our tour programs

We have chosen not to offer a full tour package including airfares because we want to keep your travel expenses low. It is a lot cheaper for you if you choose your flights according to your wishes. By having the own choice between airlines, flight time and flight date, you will have more control over your overall travel expenses.

Nevertheless, we can give you some recommendations as well if needed.

Our prices do not include travel insurance. This service is oftentimes an unnecessary feature because most travellers already have insurances that cover travelling as well.

There are two ways to get a tourist visa for Nepal. You can visit an Nepalese embassy in your hometown (if there is one) or you can apply for visa on arrival at the International Airport of Kathmandu.

Nowadays, visa-on-arrival is not complicated anymore. There is an online form that you can fill-in. With the print-out you just pay your visa at the cash counter of the airport.

We will assist you through this process.

Nepal has an incredibly versatile cuisine. Every traveller should taste as much different food as possible. All meals that are not specifically mentioned in the program are not included in the price.

Drinks and personal expenses (e.g. for souvenirs) need to be covered by yourself. We can help you in getting fair prices for your souvernirs though.

Tips tend to be generalized in Nepal. Because this custom is not easy to manage in a group on the spot, the tips of the guide and driver or other contributor of this tour are not included: they are left to your appreciation, depending on your satisfaction.

In the very unlikely event of a delay or loss of your luggage by the airline, the costs and logistics (e.g. taxi) to get your luggage need to be paid by yourself.

Any extra nights that goes beyond our travel tour is not included in our price. Nevertheless, we will help you to get a hotel according to your wishes.

There is a “price include” section on each travel tour that we are offering. Anything that is not listed in that section is not included in the price.

If you are not sure whether a service is included or not, please feel free to ask us. We will help you to clarify your questions.