There are many different airlines that offer flights to Nepal. Depending on the location of departure and the season you are travelling, prices may vary a lot!

Though Asha Travel does not offer any booking service for flights to Nepal, we are very happy to help you finding the best airlines at the fairest price. Thus, giving you full cost control over prices that are different for each traveller depending country, preferences and length of stay.

Currently, there are no direct flights from Africa, America, Australia and Europe to Nepal. If you start your journey from those continents, you will have to expect a layover. In general, the longer the layover, the cheaper the airfare.

Finding cheap flights

The perfect way to find cheap flight tickets to Nepal is by using search engines like skyscanner. Just try it. Click on the logo and check out how much airfares to Nepal might cost.

Which major airlines fly to Nepal?

What to consider when booking

Although airfares will sometimes get cheaper if you decide for a long layover, we recommend you to keep the layover time as short as possible. The longer it takes to finally arrive in Nepal, the more exhausted you will be, too.

October is considered as the most favorable time to travel Nepal. It marks the end of the monsoon and is the start of the travel season. October is also usually packed with public holidays. The two most important holidays of Nepal are usually in this period of time. Therefore, airfares are by far more expensive than during other months of the year.

If the sky is clear, you will definitely see the majestic Himalayas! Make sure that you have booked a seat on the left side of the plane if you arrive from the West to Nepal. Book a seat on the right side of the plane if you arrive from the East to Nepal.

If you have chosen an airline that has a layover in India, please consult with the airline if an Indian transit visa is necessary or not.

You do not have to book flights by considering the arrival time at Nepal. On the first day of your travel tour, there is no group program planned. We will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel. Given a short introduction by us, you will have the rest of the day to relax, acclimatise and explore the area.

Though there is no specific need to arrive at a given time, we are not recommending you to choose a flight that arrives late night in Nepal. It’s not for safety reasons. But to give you a perfect start into your holidays. Due to all the stress and excitement, you might have difficulties in falling asleep and give your body some rest before the program starts the day after.

The last day of the tour program is planned only for departure. According to your flight schedule a driver will take you to the airport. Thus, you can choose freely the time of departure.

If you consider to stay longer in Nepal, we are happy to assist you to find proper hotels and help you with your further travel plans.