After months of preparation and website-building, we are happy to announce that we are finally online! Asha Travel opens its virtual doors to the world and welcomes everyone to browse through our website. We’ve put lots of love and hard work into it and we hope that you like it. Maybe you like it even so much that you might be considering to travel with us to Nepal 😉

Hello world, there's a new sheriff in town 😀

“With thousands of travel agencies already existing, why was there a need for one more?“.
Well, the answer to that is quiet simple. We are just so dissapointed by almost all of those travel agencies working in Nepal – foreign tour operators and local Nepali ones alike.

We are not satisfied at all with the quality of tours and the prices involved! We feel sorry for foreign tourist who had to pay quiet a fortune to see just only very little of our country. And we feel extremely sad that – especially with foreign travel agencies – the amount of money that tourists spend will not benefit locals and local communities in Nepal!

Profit is everything that those agencies care about. Therefore, most of the travel tour groups have a minimum size of 10 travellers. The bigger the group, the more profit. Travel agencies do not care at all about the satisfaction of travellers. If they did, they would not cram a travel group with so many people at once…

But don’t worry, a new sheriff is in town! Asha Travel is now here and we will be a pain in the a** (sorry for the language… :D) for other agencies. Because we will show them that profit is not the most important thing to be caring about. We focus on you, on our travellers and more importantly on locals and local communities alike.

A local tour operator with responsibility!

Being a local tour operator, we know our country like the back of our hands. Nepal is our home! And we at Asha Travel would like to show you the country we live in – day in, day out.

You will be guided through Nepal as if you were a local yourself. Authentic travel experiences combined with local expertise will make your stay in Nepal unforgettable! We will show you Nepal as it really is – and not what most tour operators claim Nepal to be “Buddhism and Himalaya”…

You will not be living in a tourist bubble. But you will be part of Nepali culture and traditions. Close interaction with local life will help you understand and feel Nepal even more.

The great difference between us and other agencies is that we care! We believe that travellers should get the opportunity to see the diversity of “the real” Nepal at a fair price. We also believe that tourism should enhance the well-being of locals and host communities as well. Responsible Tourism is possible if travel agencies and travellers choose the right decisions!

Feel free to leave us a comment or browse through our website for further information.


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