In Nepal, people love to celebrate 🙂 Infact, being a multi-ethnical society, Nepal has so many different festivals. We would like to introduce you to some of them because Nepal is much more than just Himalaya and Buddhism.

Gai-Jatra - The Cow Festival

If you are in Kathmandu today you will certainly see children in disguise, cows and musicians almost on each corner of the streets. It’s so cheerful out there – singing, dancing, laughing. The streets are filled with life! It’s even more colourful and alive than ever!

Today, it’s Gai-Jatra!!!

Gai-Jatra: the cow festival
Festivals in Nepal are so colourful 🙂

Gai-Jatra is a ceremony in honor of the dead that takes the form of a carnival. Traditionally, families who have lost a loved one in the year must decorate a cow (or a disguised boy) in the city, to help the dead ascend the heaven.

There are colourful processions all over the city, musicians preceding the processions. All pass in front of the old Royal Palaces of the valley.

This custom was established by King Prattap Malla in the 17th century in order to console his wife who was depressed since the death of her son. Hence, the processions of Gai-Jatra pass in front of the Royal Palace to show her that death occurred not only her family but in all of these families in the city.

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