A small dedicated team that has been working together for years!

The main people behind Asha Travel with whom you will communicate and interact in Nepal are Rajeev, Vishal, Khai and Nikki. We are a very well-rehearsed team, knowing each other for years – and more importantly having worked together for quiet some time already. We share the same values and the same goals. We believe in social responsibility of Tourism which we are trying to implement into Asha Travel. We want to have an impact on our travellers as well as on local communities!

In fact, our social responsibility towards the development of Nepal is reflected by the work we do outside of Asha Travel. Rajeev and Vishal are the founders of the local responsible volunteering organisation “Project Volunteer Nepal” which cooperates with Khai’s German NGO “hamromaya Nepal e.V.“. Since early 2016 Rajeev, Vishal and Khai have been in charge of all projects in a huge disabled school in Kathmandu, have organised many medical camps and schoolbag distribution projects in very remote regions of Nepal, and have sponsored the education of children from poor family backgrounds.

Rajeev and Vishal

With thousands of travel agencies already existing, why was there a need for one more? Most of the travelling agencies and guides in Nepal are of mediocre level at best. Travel Tours are oftentimes being operated by uninspired guides who do not have in depth information of the culture and history of Nepal. We view this scenario as a sky full of clouds where we can’t see the sky. Asha Travel tries to bring a ray of hope to show the true insight of the country.

Asha Travel aims to show you things that an average tourist would miss. Our main intention is to give you an insight into the rare and unique sides of Nepal, like its music, cuisine, history, art and culture. We take pride in who we are and where we come from, so it’s a matter of pure joy and satisfaction to give you and other travellers a glimpse of it.

We have witnessed the never ending evolution of Kathmandu with its thousand pagodas and stupas. Our love of this mystical valley, surrounded by giant Himalayan mountains, has never faded and is ever growing in all directions like the labyrinths of the small alleys in the old heart of Kathmandu.

Rajeev Gurung - Asha Travel
Rajeev, born and bred in Kathmandu, is a certified tour guide with loads of experience from big foreign travel agencies. He will tell you anything or everything about Nepal in fluent English or French.
Vishal Gurung - Asha Travel
Vishal, born in the beautiful city of Pokhara, is in charge of program organisation. He will take care of your reservations, your transport and other logistics.


Due to my voluntary work as chairperson of the German NGO hamromaya Nepal e.V., I have been visiting Nepal since 2011 very regularly in intervals of six months, usually staying there for four to six weeks. In contrast to most expats and development aid worker, I do not live in an artificial bubble only created to satisfy the needs of foreigners. I live in a Nepali neighbourhood, in the middle of the Nepali everyday life, sharing the same local customs and traditions. Thus, being able to learn so much more from this amazing world.

Whenever I meet travellers in Nepal, I feel quiet sad how much they have missed out on the “real Nepal” – travel groups and individual backpackers alike. Asha Travel gives you a deep insight into Nepal by having close, authentic interaction with local life and by showing you Nepal outside the tourist bubble. You will not only know about Nepal, you will feel Nepal.

Khai-Thai Duong - Asha Travel
Khai from Germany considers Nepal his second home. He sees the tourists' interests through "local" eyes. Khai takes care of website and communication with you - in either German or English.

Nikki Thapa

My name is Nikki Thapa and I am the founder of askmeaboutnepal.com. The idea about the website came to me when I was working as a photo editor for an American photographer. I was always frustrated to find so little things about Nepal online back then. So basically this frustration led me to the birth of this website which will eventually be a large database of visual and written materials of the country. My idea is to tell the world that Nepal is not just the land of Everest or Buddha nor it is limited to Newars of Kathmandu valley or Sherpas of high Himalayas. Hence, I am re-introducing forgotten paths and places. I want to put spotlight on the people & habitat, birds & butterflies, flora & fauna, lakes & rivers, festivals & traditions, religion & politics and the list goes on. I am delighted to be a part of Asha Travel and I will be your go-to girl should you have any queries about Nepal.